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  • SpliffReg Afghan

    Afghan cannabis strains are 100% pure Indica and originate from the Kush mountains of Afghanistan. They have a very high concentration of THC and, while traditionally they are very tall and even unwieldy plants, selective breeding has helped to reduce the size and improve the...

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  • MedicannReg Afghan

    This original Afghani strain is exactly as it sounds, it is an original land race Afghani and is the best producing and strongest Indica around, from Afghanistan's Mazar-i-Sharif region. Afghani cannabis is native to a high-altitude, mountainous environment, and as such, is naturally strong and...

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  • Dr KripplingFem Afghan Cow

    Ash x Kaya 47 x Kali Mist Live life with ease. Afghan Cow’s cerebral effects can cause one to be more alert. The mind goes completely silent, noticing everything as if in HD. Perfect plant to meditate on. Think outside the box with Afghan Cow,...

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  • PositronicsFem Afghan Express

    Afghan Express, is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain developed to astonish everybody with her power. Our afghani parental was an old Wernard clon, selected for its great THC/CBD ratio. Hybridised with the best ruderallis and the descent was self crossed for generations to get a stable automatic...

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  • Rare DanknessReg Afghan Ghost

    A beautiful strain, that produces highly resinous flowers, with a powerful kushy aroma and flavour.  Lineage: Ghost OG x Afghani #1 IBL  58-70 Days flower time

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  • Mr NiceReg Afghan Haze

    The combination of a pure Afghan strain combined with a Haze male has created something fantastic. Both parent plants are very established in their own right and have been popular with medical patients worldwide for many years, and this strain follows, like many, in its...

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  • CH9Fem Afghan Haze 33

    The Afghan Haze 33 is a hybrid strain that combines the benefts of both Afghan Haze and Jack33. Rock hard buds and a powerful high make this another popular choice with medical growers. The Haze 33 looks almost certain to be as popular as both...

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  • White LabelReg Afghan Kush

    The original 'AK', brought from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range where its genotype has been selected and perfected over centuries to be the ultimate source of cannabis resin. Fragrant north Indian charas and sticky black Afghani hashish are both largely produced from...

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  • World of SeedsReg/Fem Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush has proven especially popular as cannabis used to create black resin. This is because the pure Indica strain carries massive amounts of resin on its large number of buds and also because it is a hardy plant that can grow in many variant...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush Ryder

    Afghan Kush Ryder is one of our autoflowering strains and is a cross between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. Our Afghan Kush mother is a Kush strain from a small zone in northern Afghanistan where they have been backcrossing Kush genes for generations, resulting in this...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush Special

    World of Seeds Feminised Legend Collection Afghan Kush Special Bank: World of Seeds Bank Sex: Female: Pure Afghan Kush Stabilised male hybrid: POLLEN OBTAINED FROM GENETICALLY MODIFIED PLANTS. Male is obtained from a determined quantity of plants growth with a mitotic inhibitor that gives us...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Black Domina

    One of the most refined blends of Indica genetics: our Afghan Kush, characterised by its high therapeutic value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands; crossed with Black Domina, a quick flowering hybrid (and one of the best Afghan...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Skunk

    Owing to its elevated levels of cannabinoid production, Afghan Kush x Skunk is highly valued for its therapeutic properties. Stunningly exuberant, this plant is characterised by the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands. Get ready to learn the true meaning...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x White Widow

    A cross between our own Afghan Kush, which is characterised by its high medicinal value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands, and a stabilised White Widow hybrid, this is a compact, medium-sized plant with copious trichomes. While White...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Yumbolt

    A seed for you to take life in your stride, Afghan Kush is a classic: a plant with Kush lineage from Afghanistan, it۪s known throughout the world for its great therapeutic value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands....

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  • AdvancedFem Afghan Skunk

    Afghan Skunk is a hybrid that crosses both Afghan Kush with the original Skunk strain that started the worldwide phenomena. Grown outdoors, Afghan Skunk can reach incredible heights but it can be controlled indoors, when you should expect the flowering period to occur after around...

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