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  • ACEReg Bangi Haze

    GENETICS Congo X Nepalese. Stabilised hybrid DESCRIPTION Bangi Haze is one of the fastest sativa hybrids in our collection. Its name comes from the Nepalese incense aroma, which will seduce you immediately, and its energetic high from the Congolese sativa. It is a compact sativa...

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  • ACEReg/Fem China Yunnan

    The China Yunnan dominant Indica line comes from a province of China called Yunnan, hence its name. The plant has high resin production and ripens quickly. The plant has a big main bud and has a creamy smell as well as a woody taste. It...

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  • ACEReg/Fem Congo

    GENETICS Bangi X (Congo #3 / Chitral) DESCRIPTION This delicious African hybrid combines the Bangi Congo, which is a rare African landrace with fast flowering that stays short, the Congo #3, which is another electric Congolese with a strong energetic high, and a bit of...

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  • ACEReg Double Thai

    GENETICS Koh Chang Thai x Meao Thai. 100% Thai Sativa. DESCRIPTION Double Thai is an F1 hybrid that combines the best Thai Sativas we have ever worked with. The mother is a first generation Thai from Koh Chang Island. The father comes from the latest...

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  • ACEReg Erdpurt

    Impressive indica bred from two lines developed in Switzerland: Erdbeer afghani indica and Purpurea Ticinensis, the latter being a purple outdoor line coming from the already disappeared Owl's Genetics Seedbank. The former is famous for its strength, its resistance to extreme cold and its fast...

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  • ACEReg/Fem Golden Tiger

    GENETICS Malawi x Meao Thai, F1 hybrid DESCRIPTION Golden Tiger is one of the most powerful and interesting sativa hybrids we have developed lately. It's an F1 derived from the -killer' Malawi mother and a selected Meao Thai male. Meao Thai is an exceptional highland...

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  • ACEReg Green Haze

    Green Haze is actually a rendering of the original Haze.Influences from Thai and Southern Indian Sativa’s grounded the Haze population and we are now able to provide a choice of green phenotypes. Obviously Green Haze is green – thoroughly green in fact when ripe –...

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  • ACEReg Green Haze x Thai

    GENETICS Green Haze x Meao Thai. F1 hybrid. DESCRIPTION The best Green Haze, selected for its excellent balance among the best Colombia-Thai expressions of the Haze line, has been pollinated by a selected Meao Thai male. An authentic rarity to be enjoyed by the Thai...

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  • ACEReg Guatemala

    Seeds collected from an indigenous village in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. This is the Central American landrace from which we have developed our Tikal hybrid. The Guatemala is a pure, stable and vigorous sativa with a good potential for adaptation to moderate latitudes....

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  • ACEReg Guawi

    Originally bred from a beautiful Malawi mother, Guawi is said to be an absolutely incredible clone that produces VAST amounts of trichomes and a particularly high bud to leaf ratio, ultimately making her flowers look astonishing. Like her mother, Guawi is very easy to manage...

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  • ACEFem Kali China

    New Chinese hybrid related to Orient Express, but in this case an old Kali Mist sativa was crossed to our China Yunnan indica. An ideal female was selected from this cross: a plant with exotic incensey bouquet and excellent south east Asian sativa effect but...

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  • ACEFem Kali China X Orient Express

    Fast flowering cross between Ace seeds 2 chinese hybrids. Their best Kali China mother and their best Orient Express indica selection both joined together in one plant. The great Kali China traits are dominant in this hybrid: fast flowering and short indica plants with a...

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  • ACEReg Lao Sativa

    Original seeds which come directly from Luang Prabang growers of the north of Laos. It is a pure sativa with classic features of the southeastern asian sativas, very similar to the thai varieties in their appearance, aromas and high. However, unlike the current thai varieties,...

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  • ACEReg/Fem Malawi

    After years of hard work and intense selections with sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace sativa we know. Its dense flowers of enormous trichomes compete with the most powerful indica/sativa and indica hybrids...

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  • ACEReg Mazar-i-Sharif

    Seeds come directly from Mazar-i-Sharif growers and are traditionally used by the Afghan growers in order to produce one of the best hashish in the world. Strong indica with wide and dark leaves. It is a strong resinous plant with early flowering. It is resistant...

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  • ACEReg/Fem Nepalese Jam

    Nepalese Jam

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