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  • 7 DwarfsFem Colossus

    Colossus was created by crossing Lowryder 2 with Maxi Gom. The result is a monstrous automatic, producing resin all over its huge main cola. Colossus impresses with a sweet pineapple aroma and exotic taste. Easy to grow and although slightly taller than our other strains,...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Cyclops

    Developed from the original Lowryder and a truly exceptional AK-47, Cyclops may well be 7 Dwarfs' favourite strain. It is certainly its most potent. Impressing with its vigorous growth, huge yields, fierce aroma and a crushing high, Cyclops is a plant that has to be...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Gigantes

    Gigantes was created by crossing the finest White Widow with stable Ruderalis genetics. As with all the 7 Dwarfs, yield was a primary focus and - after much experimentation - another high yielding thoroughbred has been created. Easy to grow and covered in white crystals,...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Goliath

    Goliath was developed from Power Plant and Lowryder genetics, and the unique Power Plant taste and smell have been retained. Easy to grow, Goliath's large tight buds are pleasing on the eye and deliver a powerful yet sociable buzz. This compact plant generates huge yields...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Hercules

    Originally developed from Santa Maria genetics, Hercules is a high yielding masterpiece. By repeatedly crossing over numerous generations, 7 Dwarfs has created a stable strain soon to become famous for its soaring high, copious resin production and powerfully delicious taste. Hercules can be grown alongside...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Titan

    Titan is a stable, inbred cross of Automatic Blueberry and Automatic Hindu Kush. Producing dense blue buds with the sweetest scent imaginable. Holding Titan in your hand has a profound effect on the senses. Its addictive aroma will have you salivating uncontrollably, its exquisite appearance...

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  • 7 DwarfsFem Trojan

    Trojan is a stable, inbred cross made up of NYC Diesel, Lowryder #2 then crossed again with the original Lowryder. Trojan has an exotic, almost overpowering odour, similar to the smell of a ripe grapefruit. Trojan retains the sumptuous flavour of the NYC Diesel and...

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