Introducing CBD Sundays!

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So you may be familiar with our THC Tuesday, whereby each week we release a code which enables you to get 20% off our strongest strains... Well, allow us to introduce CBD Sundays - 15% off the High CBD Collection. Thanks to the help of a fan, we've put together a comprehensive list of the strains containing high CBD levels.    

What's CBD?

Here's a quote from ProjectCBD:

"Cannabidiol — CBD— is a compound in cannabis that has significant medical effects, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counter the psychoactivity of THC. The reduced psychoactivity of CBD-rich cannabis may make it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and/or anti-spasm effects without disconcerting lethargy or dysphoria." 

High CBD strains are gaining popularity massively, as the expansion of medical usage continues to grow. You'll be able to take advantage of this discount every Sunday and only with The Single Seed Centre. Feel free to add other seeds to your purchase outside of the collection, the discount will just be applied to those which are valid and not to those which aren't.

So take a look at the High CBD Collection and prepare yourself for Sunday, when we'll release the first CBD Sunday code!

Got questions? Just send a message via our Facebook, or by email.


June's Free Seeds!

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Up next, we've got some renowned Blimburn seeds, bred in the hot Spanish climate. The selection we have cherry-picked for your pleasure, is two of our favorites;one autoflowering strain and one feminized - sure to please most! And they're yours for absolutely nothing - FREE!

Check them out:

Blimburn » Cream Automatic 

Blimburn » CR+

All you have to do is spend £20 or more (including shipping). That's approximately $33. Easy!


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Crystal White Competition

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It has been a little quiet since the Kera Promotion and so it's time to tear up the silence with an equally as awesome mega competition giveaway!

This time we're in association with Spliff Seeds, to be able to bring you $1300 worth of their premium strain: Crystal White.
We're keeping it real simple for you to enter and we're maximizing the seed prizes for each winner. 



> To enter you must Like, Share & Comment on the competition post each week (see below for the links)

> Each week we will pick randomly from those who have entered and will choose 1 winner to get 13 Crystal White seeds

> On the 8th and final week, 2 winners will be chosen to get 23 Crystal White seeds EACH!


Winners will be announced on this blog post each week - so check for updates!

If you are one of the lucky winners, you need to send us your full name and shipping address via Facebook, and we'll send your prizes to you right away! 


You can win more than once (on any of our competitions). You must Like, Share & Comment to enter each week.





WEEK 1: Tyler Geiour

WEEK 2: Tommy Rost

WEEK 3: Jason White

WEEK 4: Max Max

WEEK 5: Curt Godfrey

WEEK 6: Bob Mcvicker

WEEK 7: Nina Renee Veysey

WEEK 8: Joe Clark & Bradley Whited

Buy One Get One Free - Rare Dankness Seeds!

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We have a limited time deal to offer you on the renowned Rare Dankness seeds. With each purchase of any Rare Dankness seed, you will get a Rare 'Dankness - Venom OG' seed FREE!*

What's that? But you want more than one for free? Well you can claim this offer an unlimited amount of times.

Don't think about it for too long though, as we have a very limited amount of stock and these are going to disappear quickly.

*Minimum purchase of 2 to qualify. Only Rare Dankness seeds qualify you for this offer. Whilst stocks last.

May's Free Seeds!

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Over the last few months we had been running a huge Kera Seed promotion, however we had so many entries and of course not everyone could win. So with this in mind, we thought we'd let everyone have a chance at getting their hands on some Kera Seeds, but this time they're FREE!

Check them out!

Kera - Venice Beach Afghan

Kera - NLX Diamond Automatic

All you have to do is spend £20 or more (including shipping). That's approximately $33. Easy!


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April's Free Seeds!

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Up this month we have some great strains from Vision Seeds! Check them out:

Vision - Jack Herer

Vision - Super Skunk Auto

If you'd like to get your hands on these FREE SEEDS, simply spend more than £20 ($33 approx), excluding shipping, and we'll send them with your order!


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This Month's Free Seeds! Free with each Order!*

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It's time to roll out the new Free Seeds stock and we've got some good ones for you this month!

Kannabia - BCN Diesel

Kannabia - Speedy Gonzales Auto

These are worth a combined $22 dollars and are FREE for anyone who spends over $33!*

*excluding shipping.



The Newest FREE Seeds!

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Hey guys!

It's time to release our next FREE seeds!

Up this time, we have some delicious CH9 strains - take a look at them on the left!

All you have to do is spend over £20 (approx $33, excluding shipping) on seeds and we'll send you these free seeds worth nearly $20!


Time for our BIGGEST Competition EVER! $1400 of Prizes!

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You could win 25 Kera Seeds of YOUR choice. Do not miss this chance to enter. Take a look at the strains and have a look at what you'd choose if you won.

You could also be one of our 2 runners-up, that will get the last chance at the prizes below.

We're also going to run this special round for 2 weeks, to give everyone a chance at entering.



Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our BIGGEST competition EVER.

So what can you win?

In association with out good friends at Kera Seeds, we're going to be giving away an unbelievable $1400 worth of prizes. That's 30 prizes in total. Yep, you read correctly. It's jaw-droppingly easy - there are no surveys or obscure hoops to jump through to enter. 

There are 3 prize packs, check them out:


25x PACK 1:

Green Go Smoking Pack - worth $14 (£8.50)

1x box of 3 Venice Beach Afghan - worth $32 (£19.50)


5x PACK 2

Kera Seeds XL Mouse Mat - worth $15 (£9.50)

1x box of 3 Venice Beach Afghan - worth $32 (£19.50)


Final Prize - Given to last winner!

1x Final Super Prize - 25 seeds of your choice from ANY of Kera Seeds' strains.

How can you enter?

- Download one of the images below

- Upload it to your Facebook Profile 

- Post your choice  > HERE <  each week to enter

Then, once a week on each Tuesday, we'll pick 4 winners at random! We'll run this for a total of 8 weeks, you'll have an unprecedented chance at winning.

8 weeks, 31 prizes. 

Good luck!




February's Free Seeds!

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Have you seen February's Free Seeds?

This month we have some of the most popular Dinafem strains to giveaway!

All you have to do is spend over £20 (approx $33, excluding shipping) on seeds and we'll send you these free seeds worth over $30!

Wow, what a deal!