6 Cool jobs in the world of legal marijuana

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Budtender Arguably one of the most important roles in the entire industry. The budtender is on the front-line. The budtender has to have a comprehensive knowledge of marijuana to recommended the correct strain to suit you, whether it be for recreational or medicinal use.     Taster/Reviewer You mean they pay people to get high??! This is...

The CBD superfoods that will make you thin and ease your mind!

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Goji berry, chai seeds, wheat grass, spinach, kale, quinoa... The list of superfoods is seemingly endless, every year a group of dieticians will introduce the next big thing and marketers will create enough buzz so that everyone believes they are buying a miracle cure.  They will tell you it helps you lose weight and increases your libido; th...

Free the 'erb: Jamaica decriminalises marijuana

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Lawmakers in Jamaica have finally passed an act which decriminalises small amounts of marijuana and establishes a licensing agency hoping to regulate a soon-to-be emerging medical marijuana industry across the nation. Possession of up to 2oz (that's 58g!) is now considered a petty offence which will not lead to a criminal record. A positive s...

Congratulations: Alaska becomes the most recent state to legalize!

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JUNEAU, Alaska — Possession, cultivation and recreational consumption of marijuana is now officially legal following a voter initiative.  This makes Alaska the third state to legalize marijuana on a state level, alongside Colorado and Washington. Oregon is set to follow in June. Adults are now allowed to smoke marijuana in the privacy of the...

Bill Murray on marijuana

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Actor Bill Murray did an AMA on Reddit last year before the launch of his film Monuments Men, when a question about marijuana came up.Bill is no stranger to pot after being arrested for possession in 1970. He jokingly told someone at an airport he had two bombs in his luggage, unfortunately he was overheard by a federal agent who didn't find i...

What can we learn from Afroman punching a woman in the face and other celebrity screw-ups?

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On Monday celebrity toker Afroman admitted to assaulting a female fan after a video surfaced of him open-palm slamming the victim to the floor, mid-way through a guitar solo. Following the attack he was taken off stage by the police who arrested him for simple assault, later being released after fronting a $300 bond.  Clearly violence is neve...

February giveaway! Win this excellent prize!

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Do you have what it takes to be the lucky winner? If you want to be in with a chance to win this sensational bundle, get yourself on facebook here and SHARE the post.  Whats included? - Sensi Seeds t-shirt! - 4 Assorted wristbands (World of Seeds, Samsara Seeds, Delicious Seeds and Garden of Green)! - 2 Assorted Keychains (Samsara Seeds, ...

New Free Seeds from World of Seeds!

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We're proud to announce that World of Seeds are back for another awesome promotion! This month we'll be giving away two of their strains for FREE on every order over £20 GBP. For more information on the strains, head over to the product pages: Amnesia (feminized) Sweet Coffee Ryder (autoflowering)

Elderly man creates his own prosthetic leg from hemp

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An 80 year old Humboldt County, California man, William Jackson, has moulded his own prosthetic limb out of a hemp based biocomposite in his own workshop.  Hemp has many real-world applications that you might not suspect. In 2010, at the Electric Vehicle Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, a company announced the release of a car made ent...

Marijuana a potential 'gateway to psychic abilities'

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It has been reported that chronic marijuana smokers are more likely to receive higher ESP test scores than their weed-free counterparts.   Research conducted at the Academy for Psychic Studies (APS), suggests that individuals with a long-time history of marijuana smoking, do in fact posses greater psychic abilities than those who abstain from...